What a frustrating weekend. I started machine quilting this piece and no matter what I did, it felt wrong. I must have pulled out a thousand stitches and spent  20 hours looking and it, and then looking some more. Quilting and ripping. I finally, after 6 very frustrating hours, put it back on the wall for the next time I am at the farmhouse.
But I felt pretty defeated, and somewhat insecure.

Then I got my first 2 issues of SAQA, which considering the fact I was feeling insecure, did not exactly make my day. For a while. I was even nervous about opening them up- remember, this is the lady who does not operate at all in the quilting circles.

And honestly it was not as bad as I thought it might be.
I am having a real tug and pull between all the fabric and textile printing, and the work I go. So much of the work I see has the fiber manipulated, printed, screened, discharged, some to great effect and others not so much.
And I find that my own work is simpler- maybe not as complex- and I am wondering about that. If I am just less advanced, or if this style just fits me better.
It's not that I do not like complexity. For instance I love the very detailed work that Kathy Loomis is doing with her teeny tiny squares. But I get very nervous around fabric painting. Or other dying techniques- partly because that is not where my interest lies.

So I have to figure that one out. Where I land. Where I want to land. What my voice is.
So I went back into my studio and started to finish my piece. And I kept looking at it, and finally in order to reach the highest upper left corner, I flipped it upside down. And voila. I like it better that way. Up side down. the way I feel inside.