Frank Stella!

I struggle with myself as an artist- still confused about where influence is different than appropriation. It is one of the reasons that I have not joined a community of fellow artists- especially fabric artists, since I am working to find my own voice. And yet there is so much to learn, so many pieces to take in, so many ideas to execute.

But truthfully I worry so much about appropriating another's work- not intentionally of course. When I was working on this last piece I kept thinking it reminded me of something- I could not really put my finger on it. Until a few days ago.
Frank Stella. I all of a sudden remembered this most fantastic artist, and how as a young girl I would always be drawn to his colors and composition.
And then, I worried. Subconsciously had I copied his work, or learned from it, been influenced by it?
Now magnify that by 100 if the artist is working in fabric.
I know that I can only grow by looking at and enjoying the work of others. And it is an important step for me to look at other artists work online- especially artists that I respect. And I know I will always wonder- where my ideas come from. Where my colors and lines originate.