Vagina Warrior

I am so proud of my daughter,  Jody. Of course I am proud of so many things, although my best friend HATES the word proud! But that's another story...

Jody was supposed to make her directorial debut on Wednesday night where she is directing scores of wonderful strong University of Pennsylvania women in a presentation of The Vagina Monologues. The blizzard(s) of 1020 have pushed that back a few days- but in true soldier fashion- or should I say in true Vagina Warrior fashion Jody and her do-director/best friend Cassidy managed to contact all 100 women, the administration of U of P to get the venue rescheduled, posted signs all over town and digitally spread the word that the production had to be switched due to snow.

I am mostly proud that Jody and the other women in the famous Eve Ensler play, have a conscience and concern for other women. All of the proceeds will go to a Philadelphia organization, WOAR, Women Organized Against Rape- the only rape crisis center in the city. 

Far from being even remotely pornographic, the play deals with how women feel about their own bodies. It does not promote any view except the right of women to feel good about themselves and their own bodies. Now, I admit, the first time I saw the production last year, when Jody performed in it, I was uncomfortable. There were lots of words I was nervous about saying or writing, and I still am.  But there was not one monologue that I did not relate to, and while I still hate the c-word... I certainly am more comfortable saying the word "vagina".
My design firm, Grafik,  was happy to donate our services. The logo for the show was designed by an incredibly talented artist, Alex Diaz, and if you think that the creative brief was easy to go over... think again. Picture a new junior designer being called into the CEO's office to do a pro bono job for, of all things, The Vagina Monologues. But Alex, in addition to being incredibly talented and astute, gave 120%, much of it on his own time, and I am betting that his work will make lots of money for WOAR in Philadelphia.

If you want to support this effort, contact Jody at jodytp@sas.upenn.edu and she will be happy to accept donations or even sell you a tshirt ( if there are any left).