Cutting corners

Cut corners to do something in the easiest, quickest, or cheapest way, often harming the quality of your work,

To take shortcuts; to save money or effort by finding cheaper or easier ways to do something.
Cutting corners  means something completely different to me. I literally have to cut corners sometimes hundred of them- after I sew two pieces together. If not- the fabric will not lay flatly. And in this case- cutting corners takes a whole lot of time, and is not entirely satisfying. This is especially true of my more complicated pieces where there may be lots of overlapping seams- one right on top of another. Many quilters I know skip this step. But the seamstress in me can not let a seam go uncut.

There are some parts of the quilting process that some people hate- like the ironing part. I remember taking one of Nancy Crow's classes and she had to admonish people not to forget to iron their seams. Now ironing- that's one part I can get into. I completely love pressing a seam I have just sewn- to see the two pieces of fabric lying flat- since I have cut my corners. I love the steam, love the heat, love the pressure. Ironically I hate ironing clothes- and I don't. But quilt pieces... love it every time.
In fact I own 4 irons- 2 at home and 2 at the beach house... and I am always scouring yard sales for an unloved Rowenta Professional- heavy as the dickens, but reliable.

So I guess that there are no cutting corners to cutting corners. And that suits me just fine.