Jitters and first steps

I decided to enter a few pieces in a quilt show. And in thinking about it and reading blogs of artists that I admire, I found that many people approach Quilt National differently than I had thought. It seems many artists actually work on a specific piece for a long time with the goal of entering this specific show. And it makes sense to me. So last week, I committed myself to enter at least one piece in this show. One fine piece, with enough stature and scale to merit the show. One piece that does not look like anyone else's - that is mine in my voice. And so I started. And yes, in my typical way I am seeking perfection.... uh oh.

I follow two blogs religiously- Terry Dimond's and Kathy Loomis- two fine artists that I had the good fortune to meet years ago. They are miles ahead of me in terms of quality- but as a life long designer, I recognize their unique voices and respect their  knowledge and wisdom- and  I am blown away by how productive they both are. The difference I expect of two artists dedicated to their pieces as opposed to me- still running a 25 person firm- through a very very difficult economic period. I was struck reading TErry's blog today that she created 6 pieces for Nancy Crow's show in Germany- SIX- very large pieces. And looking at Kathy's proclivity blows me away- especially since she is doing highly detailed piecing.

But I can not use my business as an excuse. So I have come home the last 10 days and clocked at least 4-5 hours during the week- and 8-10 hours per day during the weekend. And I am going to focus on creating one or two pieces. And so- I folded up some of the exercises I had been working on in preparation for Nancy Crows master class in October, and am taking a slight detour.  And maybe I will end up thinking it is not good enough... but at least it is a first step.... again.