Josef Albers would turn in his grave.

My few days at the farmhouse were fruitful. I have divided up my quilting tasks - I seem to design new pieces better at home, and do machine quilting to finished tops better at the farmhouse. Some of this has to do with my machines- I use my trusty Bernina 1630 to piece the tops and my Juki- which has a widen bed to quilt the finished pieces.

It was good to get some space from the green circles. I came back Sunday night- stitched one more circle and am now done with it. I also added a few more gray circles to my other piece- and now have to quilt that. Those two pieces were good learning lessons- definitely a less is more approach-works for me- although I must admit that I have doubts when I look at all of the complexity in pieces I have seen- and wonder if mine are too simple- missing something. But in the end, I think this is where I want to be- simpler, more graphic, but with a lot of careful thought about each element. I love looking at all of the new things happening with surfaces- and I think they are beautiful. And perhaps some day I will graduate to creating my own fabric, but for right now, I am drawn to simpler geometric forms.

With that I started a new piece- very quiet in its color choices. And I am bound and determined not to add too much to the piece. I have been thinking about what it would look like if Josef Albers had added scribbles to his perfect squares... although I know he would not have even considered that... but I have and want to look at my circles overlaid on some simple geometric shapes. Its a challenge since keeping the square square is difficult when you are insetting circles- the fabric moves, stretches and has a mind of its own. That will be the technical challenge I have to solve. Can't wait to get back to it tonight... and begin again.