A new knot

Lovely lovely weekend with about 15 hours spent in my sewing room. I started a new piece- a very complex series of knots and lines with fairly monochromatic colors. Deep purples, greys, browns. My comfort colors. I am working as large as I can given the small area I have to work with.

I need a bigger room- one with a large high wall. My dream is to build a studio of my own with lots of light and lots of walls. But for now I am in an unused bedroom with is mostly fine except for the lack of enough wall space to design on.

I had been working on a new set of circles and added about 4 circles. I decided to put it away and look at in it a week. I want to make sure I do not add too many circles.  I felt rather brave folding it up- without finishing it- so against my grain. I will come back to it.

 I am excited to start a new piece. I have so many ideas I want to try just not enough time.