sweeney todd- my friends.

There is a wonderful set of lyrics in Stephen Sondheim's musical Sweeney Todd, where the mad barber is " reunited" with his tools after many years:

These are my friends.
See how they glisten.
See this one shine...
How he smiles in the light.
My friend.
My faithful friend...
Speak to me friend.
I'll listen.
I know, I know you've been locked
out of sight
all these years, like me
My friend...
well I've come home to find you waiting.
Home, and we're together!
And we'll do wonders.
Won't we?
You there, my friend?
And I got to thinking about my tools- what I could not live without. Oh- I love my sewing machine and my irons. But my tools that I could not part with- that's easy- my chaco chalker that makes the finest lines around, and my nailbrush- to brush away the powder after I am done sewing a complicated seam.
I have been working really hard the last week- slowly piecing a new knot. Sometimes all I can do is stare out it to try to figure out what seam to sew first. But I am enjoying the mental challenge.