Balls in the air

Juggling like crazy the last few weeks between work getting busy again ( sigh of relief), a pile of unfinished quilts staring me in the eye every time I enter my sewing room, and a deadline- or should I say deadlines looming.

For the last two weeks or so,  grafik has taken precedence- and it has to for a while- we have new clients, new projects with old clients and new technologies to embrace. And we have to rev up a very loyal staff that has been hammered over the last two years- with pay cuts, demanding clients, and some really crappy projects. But the sleeping giant is waking and now we simply have to get our act together and take a deep breathe and plow ahead. 

The same is true with my pieces. I put one last circle on my last piece. And I am calling it finished. I of course have the job of quilting it now- but I am pretty sure I know how I want to approach it.
I have been hand quilting the black and white scribbles and have about a week to go on that. I have to bind 2 pieces- which is a task that I really do not like- and even worse- I have to sew some backings on.
But the sleeping giant in this case is figuring out how I want to quilt the large knot piece that I am doing to enter in Quilt National. All the other tasks have to wait- since I think it may take over a month just to quilt that one piece- which means I am knocking up against that deadline.
So- my plan of attack. I have told Dave I have to have my evenings and weekends free and clear- no dinners out, no soirees- just special occasions and of course the beach house. Limited blogging, no facebook ( no loss) and no surfing for crap I do not need. If I can free up that time I think I can make it....