The top is done

I have thought a lot of the contradictions that lie in my pieces- my attempts- some more successful than others to capture a spontaneous line. It's why scribbles and graffitti interest me so much. The fluid nature of an ink pen or brush, the freedom of a penciled arch... But the contraction here is that actually sewing a spontaneous line takes a lot of precision- the more spontaneous the line- the harder it is to piece together. I like that ying and yang it presents. And I think the contradictions in a sense emulate a part of me- one part controlled one part spinning out of control. Oh to capture the energy of this Moholy Nagy mobile....

On April 15 I started a quilt to enter in Quilt National. It has taken me almost 2 months to piece the top- but finally, tonight it is done. And now the quilting is to begin. I have been trying all  kinds of quilting- machine and hand- and the truth is that I am not wild about lines that interfer with the piecing or that confuse the viewer. I seem to like parallel lines that follow a curve- and I like mixing rigid machine quilting with a much softer hand quilting that looks almost like kantha cloth. Now I have to decide what to do. I am nervous about starting since I have ruined many a quilt top with the wrong technique or a thread that provides too much contrast... I like my threads to blend in- and while I love looking at the work of others where the threads bring a life of their own- it just is not me... I have decided to just hang the piece for a week and continue to look at it to see where it guides me.