This was a week for improvising- some worked out and some did not.

Dave's masterpiece- an arbor structure that he built as an add on to an existing arbor was a labor of love. Dave and 2 good friends cut down a few dead trees that were victims of the storm this winter- and since Dave is incapable of throwing anything out- an arbor was born.

Somewhere my dad was watching and smiling as Dave actually measured something. For those who know my husband- you know that measuring heretofore was not in his vocabulary. But this time " Measure twice cut once" was put into action.

Another successful improvisation- we had to fix our back screen door- and the original design resulted in people pushing the middle of the screen. The result- a broken screen- so Dave and I figured out a solution: We went junk hunting and found a few old cheap yardsticks- glued three together to make them stronger- then screwed the 3 groups of 3 to the door. Success.

And improvisation that did not work:
Using a silver- yes silver- cake  fork to spread glue on the yardsticks. Very bad idea- and it was not my idea....
Using my special green cloth cooler for a water bucket... also not my idea.

Not a week for me to improvise as I am finishing up all of the quilts for Quilt National- but I did manage to knock out two pot holders for 2 friends- about the most creative thing I have done this week. But we have a new arbor- and a new door- so all is not lost!