The most expensive quilt I never bought

102 degrees in the shade so we decided to go look for yardsticks for our new project. We went to a crowded antique store on Rt 9 that we have been to a dozen times. Scoured the upstairs and downstairs but no rulers. On my way out I saw an interesting quilt and picked it up the have a closer look.... big mistake. On the other side of pile of quilts was a hideous framed picture of seashells. As I lifted the quilt the frame which I could not see- went crashing to the floor. Broken glass- ugly picture- not so bad- But as the frame came tumbing down it happened to hit a decoy from a very famous Michigan carver- carved in the 1920's in Oswego- and priced at $380 dollars! So we are now the proud owners of a very expensive decoy. Luckily the owner gave us a break and gave it to us at cost- still not what we expected went we went looking for a few rulers. Ah well. At least it is a good story.