Drove my quilts over to the photographer which left me with an entire weekend free. For years I have wanted a larger design wall. My pieces are fairly small since I only had a wall and tackable surface that was about 3' x 5'. My "studio" is my son's bedroom transformed. And I need to keep a sofabed or daybed in the room for when my kids return home. When I dropped off my quilts at Mark's place I noticed he had a fabulous design wall that he uses as a background when he is shooting large pieces. He has been a busy guy- shooting some stuff for the Renwick and some other quilters who are getting their submissions ready. His design wall is made up of homosote that is covered in velcro loop- which is easy to make and pretty inexpensive.

So I entered my room- looked around, saw the largest wall- 6' x 7.5' and resolved to rearrange the furniture to create a real sewing room- not a bedroom masquerading as a sewing room.  I still covet the large studios that I have seen other artists have, but I think I have finally finally found a way to get a larger expanse for my work- a real limitation up until now. 

Dave and I marched off to Home Depot and by 7 pm Sunday night it was done. And tonight I get to try it out for the first time.I am so excited.

This was also the first weekend that I was not racing to finish quilts either for Quilt National or for Nancy's master class. It felt good to breathe deeply, clean my studio, arrange all the fabric and just sit in there thinking about new ways of working. Tonight I begin anew.
"A blank canvas- so many possibilities."
- Stephen Sondheim