Off to the photographer

OK- so I met my deadline to get my pieces for Quilt National to my good friend Mark Gulesian- who is the photographer for the National Gallery, the Portrait Gallery and the Smithsonian- to name a few. I have worked with Mark for over 25 years and know enough to know that there is a difference between a DIY digital image and a well-lit well hung photograph. In this day when everyone can be a designer (thank you Adobe-  NOT) and everyone can be a photographer, and everyone can be a copywriter, I know that there are some skills that need a professional's touch. And so do most of the museum collection professionals that I know.

As an art director who has worked with scores of photographers- Mark is the consummate professional and one of the nicest guys I have ever met. I met him when we were photographing pieces in Prague that were stolen from the Jewish community there by the Nazis before WWII. We worked for months, Mark capturing images while I designed the posters and book.  Mark was able to bring poetry to simple objects, and I know he will bring his master's touch to shooting my quilts.