One Done

I have been working on like a fiend to try and finish my quilts for Quilt National. Two down, one to go. And then off to be photographed. I have been so single-minded about getting this done- and today I finished all of the stitching and quilting and most of the binding. I started this on April 15- and here it is 4 months later and I am done. If nothing else I know that I have grown doing this quilt. I paid attention to details and made a breakthrough with the background stitching. Once I get my photos in the mail I will relax. And feel good that I met the challenge I set for myself on New Year's day.

So to celebrate, I spent the day with my sister- which was lovely. We went to our local farmers' market and I bought a bushel of peaches. Together we put up about 20+ containers that will take us through the winter months. It was fun teasing her on the right way to slice a peach- and not lose one drop of the juice. I will miss her when she leaves tomorrow to go back to Ann Arbor!