Unbelievable. I am sitting in a car on the GW Parkway- have been here for about 1 1/2 hours after a huge storm. It looks like a war zone- with huge trees down everywhere. I have seen 5 cars smashed in just 3 blocks. I think- no, I know, it will be hours until I get home. It was such a large storm that my 10 story building started to sway- really sway. I told the staff to get into the center park of the building until it passed. It looked like things had cleared up- but now, I find myself in my car- with another storm coming. UGH. I have a feeling that I am going to experience what it is like to be stuck in a car in one place- for a very long time. At least I have a bag of black jelly beans in my car. And an old bottle of tonic water so I can have a veritable party!

I had so wanted to get home on time. I have a deadline. The pieces I want to enter into the Quilt National have to get to the photographer by August 21. If I did not feel pressure before, I sure feel it now! makes my stomach hurt. Luckily, my strongest piece is done. And even if it does not get in- I feel like it is good work-and that I pushed myself. I also have generated lots more ideas. So sitting here in this car going no where- I wonder just how long I will be here.

PS- it took me 5 hours to make a 45 minute trip. sigh