upcoming workshop

So- I am jumping from hot pot to the fire. Now that my nerves are calm about Quilt National- I am starting to anticipate ( read worry) about Nancy Crow's masterclass. Worried if I will be good enough, fast enough, calm enough. You name it.

I decided that the best way to counter the nerves was to keep fit- not only healthy since it is a fairly strenuous 2 weeks, but I need to keep my arm loose, my eye sharp and my sewing skills up to par. To warm up I have been doing small studies, nothing big, no breakthroughs- just practicing cutting and composing. And it has been lots of fun cutting and tacking pieces on my wall- not really concerned about whether it is good or not.

I have to keep that same mentality in Baltimore Ohio. I have to remember:

• that this is a learning experience- and it always always is.
• that I almost never create anything worth anything at the retreats- but I come away armed with inspiration and tons of ideas.
• that this is a time to listen and learn- and not a time to grandstand. I shudder at the memory I have of myself at my first Crow class. I was so ill-informed about almost everything, but rather than listen and learn, I talked- way too much.
• that competition has no place in the Crow barn. Check that competitive streak at the barn.
• that this is the time to take risks and not stick in my comfort zone.

And lastly, I have to remember to have fun, relax and give in to having a wonderful time.