Challenge to myself

For many years I would faithfully line up outside Nancy Crow's barn to grab my favorite place in the corner- away from the hub bub of the barn- although I would say that 80% of the women I have encountered there are not into heavy chatting- they are focused on their work.  I felt pretty safe in the corner- my pieces not front and center and a bit hidden from view. I created my own little space which was seemingly perfect in every way. There I could work pretty much focused on my art and very much by myself. And the operative words there are "by myself".
My corner of the Barn

The last time I was at Nancy's my special place that I had always tried to grab was already taken by someone who had been there the week before- and the only place that was open was right by the door. The complete opposite of what I had been used to. And while it was not my favorite spot, I found that I was more comfortable being out in the open than I thought I would be.

In addition to the comfort of my favorite space I loved being surrounded by a cadre of women who habitually returned every year in the spring- and it was so easy to re-ignite friendships with my 4-5 quilting friends.

This year a challenge to myself.
Open space at the Barn

I have always come to Nancy's solo, and for me it has always been a bit terrifying to enter a room of 20 women where I do not know a soul. I have sought out my corner as a refuge. This year an experiment. I am going to deliberately seek out a space that is more centrally located even though it is completely out of my comfort zone- and I am going to have to extend myself to meet new people I have never seen at the Barn before. And on top of that, all of them qualify to participate in the master class which means these are pretty serious gals.

Why am I doing this? I figure that I will have 19 other teachers around me with stories to share, techniques to learn, discussions to listen to. This master class is an opportunity for me to extend my reach and comfort zone and put myself out there.  This year will be a year of growth- not just in quilting but in myself.