Changes 2010

If I analyze what changes have taken place since my last session with Nancy to now- I think there are many. Some inspired by Nancy, some inspired by fellow quilters at Nancy's and some are really a product of me growing and maturing as an artist. Everytime that I have gone to a workshop it has been instructive to see where I was before I start. So here goes.1. My work has changed a lot.

First year- My very own Nancy Crow rip off
Year 2- start of my chair series

Year 3, 4 - second of my Cancer Comb series

Year 5- Start of my knots series

Year 6- beginning of Scribbles
 2. I have moved from simple to very complex and am now moving back to simpler forms- but combined with some complex lines.
3. I have started to pay close attention to backgrounds instead of only the object. That is giving my work a new complexity and new challenges.
4. I have learned the different effects produced from hand quilting versus machine quilting.

I am looking forward to more growth and seeing what the new year will bring. My goal- of developing my own voice is starting to take shape and if I compare my Nancy Crow rip off that I presented as my work in my very first class with her- I know i have developed and matured as an artist in my own right- with my own sensibilities and my own style. Onward!