Days 1 and 2

This is my workspace- in the middle of the room not the corner.
It has been so relaxing to be here- I have met some fabulous women- no not a male to be seen- and it is so interesting to see how different each of us are in our art work. This time there are no timed exercises- we are all working on independent study- and that is lovely not to have a deadline to work on. My first piece has been an extension of my circles. This time I put a much more elaborate background into it and it is really changing the look of the pieces. I have decided that I will work on another piece- perhaps a large knot since I have a nice big wall to work on.

Here I am just massing colors and looking at how the different colors of grey interact. I am also looking at what colors my circles might be. As it turns out I have change my mind a dozen times.

 I have started to piece the background. Concentrating on the background is not something I have done and my goal for this week was to look more carefully at the background composition.
Here I was auditioning this fabulous green- which I ended up not using.

Started to inset grey circles since I wanted some circles to disappear in the background.

Finally setting on an orange fabric to cut more circles. By now I have taught almost everyone in the class how to inset circles. I forgot to tell them that you can easily lose your mind insetting too many at one time. I am close to that place...

I am still thinking of adding an additional circle in the upper left- but this is where I stopped tonight- I did not want to make another cut. And I want to get a crit from Nancy on the upper left circle.