Friday and Saturday

Friday was mostly a lost day- I finished up my two quilts and then spent an hour and a half playing with ideas. I did not sew them since it would have taken too much time- but I used 4.5 inch squares and cut out miniature circles with a tiny scissors. I also want to try to get my graffiti thing going again so I palyed around with the lines again- wondering if I could get them small enough. Had dinner last night with 2 friends and Nancy Crow. It was wonderful having her all to ourselves. And the conversation was lively.

Today the barn was closed. I slept in- which was wonderful- and then headed out to Springfield Ohio to do some antiquing. The leaves are magnificent and the 70 mile drive really was not too bad. It helps that the highway speed is 65 mph. I got back to the house around 4 and right now I am watching Michigan lose to Iowa in a pitiful game. Oh- forgot to mention that my car was egged this morning. I still have my MGOBLUE sticker on my bumper and some Ohio State idiot egged it- and by the way egg is very hard to clean off of a car. I was pretty pissed.

I am really looking forward to starting again tomorrow at noon.  Off to dinner with Petra- a quilting buddy and then to bed.