Goals met and unmet- rehashing the master class

I learned so much from the master class and it has been impossible to get it all into a week's worth of postings. So I expect that my ideas will keep leaking out over the next few weeks as I really have time to digest my thoughts. But I thought I would refer back to some of my earlier posts where I set goals for myself. How well did I do?
1.I did not sit in a corner and positioned myself to be more central. I felt pretty pleased about that one since my tendency is to be more of  a loner.  I sat out more in the open- and next time I will aim to get a space even more exposed. I enjoyed being more involved and had strategies to focus when I needed or wanted to.
2.I really listened- not only to Nancy but to the other "teachers"- the other participants. Things I learned:
• Well I learned how to inset a really tight angle and learned of a great tool to use to accomplish that.
• I learned that you can use a porcupine quill to keep your seams in line... who knew?!
• I learned the importance of sketching, looking and thinking.
• I kept some of my thoughts to myself- only sharing those thoughts that had value and I did not talk to hear myself speak. Now that's a change!
3.Did I challenge myself? Maybe not as much as I could have. I worked larger than I ever have- and I used each piece to experiment on different backgrounds and the effect it had on my circles in the foreground. So I challenged myself a little bit. I could have pushed harder in all of the exercises.
4.I relaxed. That's a big one for me. Instead of being frantic- I focused, worked very hard but also took time to smell the roses, to walk around the room and look, to talk about a whole variety of subjects and not just sew. I realized what I could do at home ( routine sewing) and what the value of the class was- sharing.
5.And the biggest thing by far- I did not compete. I left that at the door. And it was delicious!