Monday- Day 2 of hit the wall

Got up bound and determined to get something good. We had most of the day involved with presentations and a lecture- so we only had 2 hours from 7-10 and then after dinner to work. I probably spent a good 2 hours just cutting out one softened triangle shape in black. I went through about 4 yards of fabric before I got something that I liked. Then is was time for non-stop presentations- including my own.
I won't go into too much detail here- that's a whole other topic- except to say that my presentation was well received and people liked my work. It was so interesting to see and hear all of the presentations and to look at such wonderful bodies of work.
After dinner we went down to the projection room to see 3 more presentations- a grand total of 10 in one day. And sitting in the room was one of the quilters' husband- Burt.
I almost burst out crying since Burt, an computer engineer looked almost identical to my Dad. The resemblance was uncanny and I was really unnerved. To top it off he had the same smile, glasses and mannerisms as my father. It was a really good thing that we were sitting in a darkened room since I was teary eyed most of the time. It was really painful and was probably just the culmination of a long day.
I had two hours left to sew so I inset two of the shapes into the background. Each shape takes about 45 minutes to inset. And you really can not do too many at a time. At the end of Monday I felt drained and unsatisfied with my progress. Started to wonder what I was doing here. And started to get my Nancy Crow anxiety. So I went to bed.