Packed and ready to go.

I leave tomorrow at 7- or possibly earlier for my 7 hour road trip to Baltimore Ohio. Really looking forward to this year's 2 week class with a mixture of anticipation and a healthy dose of nerves. What I am not looking forward to is unpacking the Acura which is getting fuller and fuller every single year. This year I practically need a crow bar to wedge in another yard of fabric. And of course I am sure that I have overpacked in the clothes area- but I can not figure out if I will be cold or hot or both. But I am well prepared to handle anything.

I will try to keep regular postings- just not sure if there is any wifi anywhere near Baltimore. If not I will write a lot and post in batches. But I will try to keep a faithful diary. And will take lots and lots of videos. Be back in 2 weeks- full of ideas and energy.