Sunday 10/10/10

Gotta love the date today- for so many reasons. I got up this morning at 4 even though Ihad set my alarm to 6:15 thinking that I would be reasonable about this. Not leave at the break of dawn. Hah. I stayed in bed for about an hour- while Barley jumped up on me and David- and then at 5:15 I figured this was all for naught. Once Barley is on the bed it is kind of all over. By 6:45 I was on the road.
The front of the Crow Barn

I love driving in the morning- early before the sun is even up. No traffic, no people, no noise. And I love seeing the sky change as the sun rises. By the time it was light I was all the way to Frederick. This year I loaded up my ipod with a number of podcasts from NPR- which allowed me not to rely totally on XM’s broadway and soul channels. AFter a few hours even Broadway gets stale ( sorry Jody- but that is the truth). So after 2 hours I popped in my iphone and s which is tarted to listen to an interview with Terry Gross and Jon Stewart- it was hilarious and serious- just the way he is- but it carried me all the way to Morgantown. The drive the the mountains is delicious- and the fall leaves are all changing.

Got to Pickerington in about 6 hours- which was a new record since I pretty much drove straight through. Got some food at the local Krogers- no matter how hungry you are it is a bad idea to buy sushi in the middle of Ohio... but I did. My stomach was not pleased. Drove over to the B&B and checked in. The B&B is a renovated old movie theater that is only 7 minutes from the Barn and very convenient. And it was where I have stayed for every time I have come to Nancy’s. It is pretty basic but the location seals the deal for me- and since I only am there from 11pm until 7am it is no big deal. It is a funny B&B since there is a bed but no breakfast.

Unpacked, ate the sushi (bad idea) and got to the Barn about an hour and a half early. Since the weather is divine I walked around the property- which I have not been able to do all these years since I have been so crazed about my quilting. So it was lovely walking around seeing the leaves and a lovely pond on the outskirts of the property. Was really way too nervous to really walk much- although it was good to stretch my legs and I wandered back to the Barn where I am now sitting quietly on the front porch getting ready to unload.

As I wait for the rest of the quilters to arrive I am excited to begin. I have been excited for a month and have not really done any serious quilting since I sent off the slides of my art to Quilt National. It has been good to take a break- although I worry that perhaps it is an indication of something deeper- but that is of course just the worry wart in me coming to the surface. I feel like I am more open to listening and learning this time, and I think that my normally noisy self is going to take a rest. And my shy side is not going to rule the day. I feel completely ready to start.