Sunday - hit the wall day

Every time I go to Nancy's there is a hit-the-wall-day for me, in this case it was three days. I floundered around trying several techniques and nothing really spoke to me. There is a great quote in Sondheim's Sunday in the Park the George (nod to you Jody) and it says the a vision stays a vision if it all in your head. Bingo! I had lots of ideas in my head and lots of mixed emotions.
It has been wonderful being around such wonderful women- all with their own style, color palettes, and techniques, and it is wonderful to learn from them. At some point on Sunday I just stopped, looked around and wondered if my pieces were up to snuff. Most people were working very very large- and I was working pretty small. ( Nancy has already told me that I should really work bigger- and suggested that I rent a studio. But I would really miss Dave too much if I was always in an offsite studio. Then she suggested that I build one.
Sunday we were allowed back int the Barn from 12-6- 6 hours of sewing without interruption. I started to work on an idea that I had that was inspired by the work of William Anasazi. It is actually not at all like these two orbs- but imagine that the circles were scribbles and that there were a series of lines overlapping them. Well you are going to have to imagine them since I just had the feeling that it was going to take too long to complete- a common theme for me- and I wanted to really try something else. I stopped around 3 and put the cloth away to work on another time and started to look at colors for another piece that I really like.

I wanted to work with this fabulous dyed piece from my Anette stash. I do not normally work with patterned cloth and wanted to try it out. It took me 2 hours to figure out what colors I wanted to work with. I think it took so long since most of the other ladies are working in lots of multiple colors and my work is more spare- and uses pretty dark colors. So at the end of the day on Friday all I had was a piece that I put away and colored fabric. Oh well- there is always tomorrow.