Thursday- Day 4

Wow. It is amazing how hard it has been to piece this quilt. For one thing it is bigger than I normally work. For another sewing a large shape is much harder than sewing a collection of small seams since in a large piece every single seam counts and has to be perfect. I worked on this all day and at 10 tonight I only had one more seam to do. But since I was so tired I decided it was better left for tomorrow.

Had a good crit with Nancy- she is so adept at helping people without giving them all the answers. I do worry that she has not given me a tough crit and hope that this does not mean that she doesn't But I will see what she has to say on Sunday when I will be giving my presentation.

Tomorrow my plan is to finish this piece and resolve the circle in my first piece. the Barn closes at 5 tomorrow night and will not open until noon on Sunday. If the weather holds I plan to go antiquing in Springfield Ohio.
The week is just flying by. And I feel very mellow.