Thursday - the last day

Everyone is feeling a little blue today as our last full day at the Barn arrives. Most of us our exhausted, sad that we have to leave and yet missing our families at home. We are all emotional- but in a good way.

It was also a sad day since we had a small service for Margaret- the wonderful quilter and cook that lost her 28 year old son in an ATV accident on August 4th. It is amazing that she still came- and in her son's honor the Crow family planted a dogwood tree in the middle of a beautiful field. We made a string of prayer flags from all of our scraps. It was as beautiful as anything I have seen- and was certainly full of love.
I am going to keep it short tonight. The day ends positively- The Phillies have won!
I will be following up in much more detail on the experiences I have had- but that may need to wait for a bit. Off to sleep.