Wednesday- Day 3

Nancy was ill today so we had a day just to work- no meetings or presentations. Everyone was thrilled that we had a large block of time.
I put my last piece away since I wanted to get Nancy's opinion on something. Instead I decided to go and do one really big piece. I thought I would do one of my knots pieces large- since I never get to work large- and I spent lots and lots of time auditioning fabrics. I cut my first large shape and decided that there was something about it that I really liked alone. So after fussing for so much time I only had to really choose two colors. The challenge was finding enough of one color for the background.
It is not easy to do one line- especially since most of the people at the workshop are doing very complicated compositions. And it is amazing how difficult it is to piece a very simple large shape. Every line has to be perfect. In my first try you can see how lumpy the curve is. In the second one I got the curve to be much nicer. But it was not easy at all.

Tomorrow I will piece this baby together. All in all a very good day.