The wonderful women in the master class

Today was a sad day. Although most of us were ready to go home and see our hubbies and in some cases kids, it is always a sad last day when we all say good bye. The last day of Nancy's class is not really a serious work day. We packed up our cars, did "grand rounds" where we had to present our work, and then went to the customary dinner at Nancy's favorite Chinese restaurant.
The presentations were very interesting and we all made progress in our own ways- some in design, some in construction, some in emotional growth, and some all of the above.
It has been an extraordinary group of women.We have agreed not to show any of our work on the internet to respect each others privacy- but I do want to pay homage to this group  who made the last two weeks special.
Debbie- the person with the most joi de vivre. She taught me some real life lessons- and she gave me a porcupine quill. The best dressed lady amongst us.
Leslie- who had a sharp mind and really can pinpoint where a piece is going wrong. She is smart with good wit. And always a good person to get an honest crit from.
Jayne- Exquisite white hair, exquisite sense of design and balance and exquisite personality. A person I want to get to know much better.
Petra- An love of art and structure, more knowledgeble in art than most people I know- and a great dinner pal. I know we will be friends for a long time.
Heide a quilter capable of executing the most beautiful compositions. And the person who taught me how to make the most beautiful inset seam. The person who found the ergonomic tracing wheel and probably made Jo Ann's quarterly profits soar.
Denise- she embodies mother earth and is the kindest soul and friend. And her compositions are stellar- even if she does not believe that they are. I look forward to weekends quilting with her since she lives in WV.
Cathy and Sylvia- two pioneers playing with their extraordinary surface designs. I wish I could make fabrics as beautiful as they do
Joyce who has a lovely sense of color and who had a journey filled with bowls ahead of her
Carol- who is much better than she thinks she is- even if she does hand applique ;-)
Kit who probably was one of the most daring artist this week- and really put herself on the line.
Pat- who uses colors in a totally different palette and pulls it off.
Janet- who is probably the best grandma anyone could have and is doing really interesting quilts based on subdivisions and plot lines.
Pam- who has a marvelous sense of design and color and is as focused on her work as I am! Along with Carol and Niraja a great breakfast mate.
Barbara- who amazed me by the quality and quantity of her pieces- She had one drop dead gorgeous yellow piece that was amazing.
Niraja- a breakfast mate at the B&B and an throughly interesting and kind person. She has a heart as big as the room. A quilter who is starting the journey and who already has her own aesthetic.
Annette- who had to leave us week one- but lovely to have around.
Karen- dear Karen who is the only person that I know who totally lives in the moment. She did the most quirky fun pieces out of ethnic fabrics. They were as vibrant as she is.
Margaret- who really makes a difference for me personally. She has the strength of mountains and the softness of silk. She cooked all our meals, listened to 40 women babbling away, and showed us what honesty and dignity is all about.
John and Nathaniel. They make you want to be part of their family and are so fun to joke with and learn from. John- my brick donor- and Nathaniel who shares my love of outside artists and interesting primitive pieces. 
And finally- Nancy Crow. It is hard to understand why all of us band together in a barn in Ohio. Most people can not really believe it. But at the heart of that barn is Nancy- an artist that makes us all want to be better. A tough critic if you want her to be- and can also critique art without critiquing a person. An artist with a sharp sense of color and balance- she must have 14 cones in her eye - not just 4! And a generous teacher and friend. Without her, this wonderful retreat and safe haven would not exist.