Multitasking to the extreme

3 Drawings by Will Barnet
Since Dave is on the West Bank I am using my weekend to get a thousand things done. I got up at 6- made a huge batch of carrot ginger soup, a vat of beef vegetable soup, another vat of chicken soup, a crockpot full of short ribs.... and all of this before 10. That gave be plenty of time to change over my summer clothes to winter- despite it being 65 degrees today. And of course that odious task resulted in a trip to the dry cleaners, a trip to the clothes donation bin, and of course a trip to buy a few goodies at Joann's. And since I was out I figured it couldn't hurt to stop by my favorite clothes store- major major damage. Got home  looked at some images of Will Barnet and did 3 loads of laundry, soaked some beans for soup for tomorrow morning, talked to my son, watched 1/2 of the Ohio State game.... and guess what- I am so ready to sew- which is where I am going right now!