Crazy quilt

I have been thinking of a new definition of "crazy quilt" and wondering if women made crazy quilts at a specific time of year. Every year, right about now, I get the urge to use up my scraps- it happens like clock work. And it is not because I do not have enough fabric- but sitting in my studio at the farmhouse today, I got a hankering to use up scraps. Kind of a quilter's new years resolution to not waste beautiful fabric that is heaped up in baskets waiting for attention.

Maybe the name fit because the two pieces I have been quilting are driving me crazy- the back and forth of tight lines on two larger pieces- pretty boring at times- very intense- and can drive one to madness.

Maybe it's crazy to feel just a bit guilty leaving the two quilts to just have fun sewing random pieces together. But today it was fun to take a break and just do miniature combinations. And perhaps it's crazy that even for this I set up a few rules. Each square had to have two intersecting blue lines- a little reminiscent of the lines in the anxiety series. I wanted even this crazy quilt to have a bit of anxiety woven into it.

It's definitely crazy to hear Nancy's voice in my mind- urging me to think of composition as I put the squares up on the wall- arranging and rearranging the random assortment of colors. And crazy to worry if the compositions are working or not. And I wonder if quilter past put crazy quilts together randomly or if they planned how all the colors and fabrics were pieced.

It is most certainly crazy to worry about wasting a day- a lovely day watching icicles drip- and leaving my two quilts bunched up on the sofa like two step children while I had fun with my scraps. And a tad crazy wondering if I will get bored with the scraps tomorrow- and leave them on my desk in a jumble.
But today I can tolerate this touch of madness, just for a day or two.