Cover girl

I got an email last week from Kathleen Dawson with a cryptic note to check out an amazon link.

Excited. Here is the cover of the new exhibition book from the show opening in late May. They chose my Circles No. 4 as the cover. I was elated.
I was also somewhat pragmatic. I know how these things go- having selected images dozens of times, I know that the selection rarely has to do with what piece is the best- rather it has to do with- 1. What will sell books?
2. What color will jump out from the bookshelves?
3. What color will look good online?
4. What will read when the book is taken down to postage stamp size?
5. What quilt will fit the proportion of the catalogue?
And so on....
Am I pleased? Of course. I am thrilled. But the cynic in me has already taken over so I am not strutting around overly much. Maybe I will strut when the entire book is devoted to my quilts- not likely but a happy thought. Then I will have a reason to strut around like a peacock. Until then I have a lot of work to go- work that goes very very slowly.
Oh- and for anyone interested you can pre-order the book here.