Not lost

I have not been writing recently- but that does not mean I have not been working. Mostly I have been looking at all kinds of different things , trying some different techniques, failing at some larger compositions, and learning what works, what makes me happy and what kind of work makes me crazy.
I simply am not cut out for lots of tiny pieces like the esteemed Kathy Loomis who is a master artist and loves tiny pieces. I tried that for 2 weekends and just about lost my mind. And I tried some larger pieces- and just threw in the towel on a piece I have been working on for about 2 weeks. Just not doing it for me. From a compositional standpoint it was all wrong. Color wise it was too flat. But at least I was able to stop tonight. Look at it. And decide that it was not really going anywhere. And I stopped.

Particle Image Velocity
Image from Dr. Bret Tobalske's research on flight.
But I actually have been pretty jazzed by the research that I have been doing on images connected with bird flight and PIV- which is particle image velocity. I promise in the next posting to go into that further. But here is a teaser.

So- I have been busy- maybe my production has not been much- but my brain has been working and I have lots of ideas. And lots of failed experiments over the last few weeks. But I feel a breakthrough coming. In the next few days I will write about the work of Aaron Koblin and Bret Tolbaske- 2 amazing thinkers, artists, scientists.