First Friday

Well, after talking about taking a Friday off, I finally did- and it was absolutely wonderful. I got up at the crack of dawn- 6 am, had breakfast with Dave and headed to my studio for 10 uninterrupted hours of sewing. Ten hours of design. And yes, in this case 10 hours of frustration. I have been working on a piece for about 2 weeks. It is a large piece and I am struggling with the size. I thought that maybe one way around having to work with a large piece of fabric was to create smaller pieces and then sew them together.

I must have worked and reworked pieces for at least 15 hours before realizing it just was not going to wor that way. I basically trashed two weeks of work, and then this morning a break through came. And not surprisingly, it means I really have to work on the one big piece of fabric and not smaller pieces.
So my first Friday was a success- not initially. Initially it was as frustrating as hell. But it gave me a really good block of time to work out the problems and not settle on my first experiment. It allowed me critical time to step back, think and look.
I have a pile of scraps a mile high from the last three days. And it has been hard for me to give up all the smaller pieces which do have some nice elements. But I had to get rid of them to make progress. And I can not wait until my next Friday. TGIF