Second Friday

Yesterday I took my second Friday off. After running a business for 32 years, I decided that I could give myself a day off- once a week. And so every Friday- or Fridays that I feel like it, I am taking the day off to quilt. So far it has been the most wonderful present which starts when I leave the office on Thursday night. For the first time in a long while I am not rushing to accomplish as many things as I can so i have a block of time to quilt. This time, I knew I had all of Friday ahead of me, so I just moved a bit slower and was much more relaxed.
 I see the improvement at work as well- I seem to have a tad more patience- and I really needed a day off this week- an extraordinarily difficult week.
I started the morning off at 6 am- had breakfast with Dave, discussed the situation in Egypt. David has been crazy this week- on TV - everything from the BBC to Al Jazeera. The revolution in Egypt has put much of his work in the limelight.
I spent most of Friday working on my red quilt- so far I am just setting in the under layers- and it certainly is taking a lot of time- but I feel like I have gotten a lot farther than I did last week. I seem to have developed a better rhythm with this piece- and after constructing the bones- I feel like I now know how to approach the overall composition better. The biggest challenge is cutting a good line that is 7 feet long. Getting the right arc or curve- or even getting a straight line cut that is that long is a challenge on my cutting table. I have been "drawing" a line first when it is up on the design wall as a guide- but I feel like some of the lines flow better than others. And where so many lines interconnect- "do-overs" are challenging at best.

 I also have been using my non-serrated tracing wheel- a real joy. It allows me to draw on the fabric with a more fluid line- and then cut. This is a tool that I saw being used at Nancy's workshop and it has changed my techniques for the better. You can draw a cutting line- or even a seam line- you avoid lots of chalk dust, and for instances where precision is pretty critical, it can not be beat.You have to get the smooth version- not the serrated ones- and it is a tool that is relatively hard to find- Joannes has them when they are in stock.

So, all in all- my experiment so far is working- and so am I. I figured that i worked about 8 hours uninterrupted- with a small break for lunch. My goal for next Friday- is to relax while I quilt. To understand that Fridays are just the beginning.