Thank you

Almost every morning I drive over the Memorial Bridge on my way to work in Alexandria Va. For those not in the know, Memorial Bridge is also the entrance to Arlington National Cemetery. And most days I zoom over it, listening to music, pre-occupied with getting to work, and somewhat oblivious to my surroundings. When you live in DC you forget to really look at the beautiful monuments surrounding you- they become backdrops to commuting routes.
Today was different. I got onto the bridge after getting through loads of traffic. I was hassled by the time is was taking to get into work. And as I pulled into the left lane I looked ahead of me.
There was a hearse with a flag draped coffin inside heading for Arlington National. And I stopped thinking about traffic. Stopped listening to the drone of background music. Stopped worrying about being 15 minutes late. Instead, I thought about the life changes that were riding in that hearse- changes for the family and friends and neighbors. Thought about the sacrifices made.  And all I could think of was that I do not say "Thank-you" enough.

Wounded Warrior Project