Why I write

I write to give form to the many thoughts that spin through my head as I sew.
I write so I will not lose those thoughts, feelings, ideas, worries, concerns, triumphs.
I write to share joy and grief. Maybe sometimes too much grief- but words help comfort me.
I write mostly for myself- not really to educate or illuminate or explain. I am the primary audience. If others listen that's wonderful. But I write for me. A highly personal act in a sometimes public space.
I write to help me figure out problems- words help me work through to solutions. 
I write when I can not cry or when I have to be strong but feel pretty weak. Words empower me- help me cope. Give form to complex emotions. Words allow me to be vulnerable.
I write so I can get out all the words I can not say- to family, to friends, to staff. To my husband, to my mother, to my kids. To Robin. To Richard. To Penny. To my father.
I write because I have to.