Going in circles

This work week so needs to be over. Working at 4 am in the morning, late nights and working through lunch.
Horrible. Crummy. Sad. And sometimes necessary.

Worst of all- my free Friday had to give way to business necessity. I am ok with that. Sometimes.
OK- now that I got that out of my system. Breathe deeply.
My sewing life. Kind of frustrating as well. I finished piecing my red quilt and put it aside. I worked some on my circles piece that I put away a few weeks ago. This piece just refuses to cooperate. I added more circles, cropped it, re-cropped it, added to it, re-cropped it. Threw my hands up in the air. Took it down, pinned it back up. Stood staring at it for longer than I care to admit. And finally realized that it is what it is. And that is that. I think.
But maybe if I turn it or add some more circles... Well you get the picture.

My week was just like that. Going in circles, round and round. And even my sewing haven could not save me this time.