Every time Dave and I go walking on the beach in Delaware we have a rule. Each of us has to pick up a beautiful white stone to put into a copper dish that sits at the farmhouse. All of our guests do as well. It is a lovely reminder of wonderful walks. My daughter thinks it is a bit kitschy- but we don't care.
The other thing we search for are stones in the shape of hearts. Well maybe that is kitschy- but we do it anyway. For me the stones are a reminder of the wonderful place we are in, and all the love that is in this house. We bought it at the best and worst of times. The worst of times because the economy was flagging, we were both reeling from the death of my dad, and Grafik was in serious trouble. The best of time because it gave us a sanctuary- a refuge from everyday problems.
The hearts are important because they demonstrate the importance of family, the importance of a soul mate and the importance of friends and colleagues- each group helping us to weather the storm.
Heart stones are not easy to find- we have only found a few. Les has found a few. But it is fun to look for them at the beach marveling at the manifold colors and shapes of stones and shells. Just as heart stones are not easy to find, magnificent love is also hard to identify. I have my heart stone in David, and I believe that Max has his heart stone in Les. Jo is too soon to tell but she will know it when she finds it.