Oct 2012

October 14-26, 2012. I know exactly where I will be.
I signed up for Nancy's master class yesterday and I already feel the benefits. No more crapping around. No more shopping mindlessly on ebay, or spending too much time surfing the web. I've put away the pieces I have been trying to resurrect- which are really very nice "wadders" but are still wadders. And now it's time to focus. That may sound silly planning a year and a half in advance, but now that I am working larger, it takes me so much longer to get a piece done.

I took my Friday off, after a 3-4 week hiatus of not taking Fridays off. And the difference was amazing. I spent time at the farm this weekend- alone. And it was wonderful. And interestingly enough I did not do much quilting- lots of planting and yard work- and about 4 hours of hand quilting. It was pretty peaceful- and although I missed Dave and am so ready to have him back from the middle east, the truth is that it was ok being alone- although I did talk to Barley a lot.

So after mailing in my check and registration form I need to prepare.

I have talked to a number of  quilting buddies who I have taken classes with at the Crow Barn, and they are all intimidated by the title Master Class, as I was. I think the difference between the master class is not necessarily the level of talent or skill. It's more what you do between classes- are you developing your own voice? Are you thinking critically about your own art? Are you pushing boundaries? Are you serious about looking at art? Are you committed?

The answer to the last question- are you committed enough to prepare for the class. Will you have a serious body of work- even if it is only 2-5 Large Large pieces or 8-10 smaller ones? Will you prepare thoughtfully for the assignment that is given ahead of time- brain work not hand work?  If the answer if "yes" then you belong at the classes.

I have also found that while the class seems to be more intimidating, since there are no timed exercises, it is a bit more relaxing- although I find I am still opening the Barn at 7 and one of the last to leave. But it is a different kind of class. And I can't wait.

So off I go to tackle another circle upstairs. And start a year and a half of hard work. Thank you Nancy.