Lists and lines

William Anasazi Subway
Got up this morning with a full day of art ahead of me. Nothing on my to-do list. Lots of uninterrupted hours. I did some routine quilting first, pinned a quilt and backing together and then started to play. I have been wanting to see how I can use just stitched lines to create energy and took about 2 hours to just play with stitching black lines on white fabric. Normally my quilting is straight lines and pretty stiff- and I wanted to challenge myself to break away. Took an hour to rifle through my inspiration books- and then started to work. Lines intrigue me. I piece lines, compose with lines, and stitch lines. And I look at a lot of artists who are working with just lines- one of my favorite being William Anasazi.

Detail of Sol LeWitt's #122
And as I stopped for lunch, I thumbed through the NY Times and saw two things that caught my eye. One was a beautiful line drawing by Sol LeWitt.

The other was the review of a really interesting exhibit on lists. And I was taken by the fact that all of these wonderful artists had such beautiful lists. The article is  well worth reading- and I wish I was in NYC to go to the Morgan Library and see these lists first hand.

As for me- today I was really happy NOT to have a list- a full day for "line exploration".