Israeli inspirations

Preparing for my journey to Israel I was bemoaning the fact that it meant leaving quilting for 10 days. I took some hand quilting to work on and that did keep me busy for the long layovers waiting for connections. I did not really think that I would find lots of inspiration on my trip- which looking back was a ludicrous thought. But there were a few images and one artist that completely blew me away.
When we arrived on a Saturday Dave and I went directly to Tel Aviv and Yaffo. Yaffo is an ancient city- very beautiful and with a flourishing Arab presence.

Sadly many of the shops were closed but the graffiti on the metal barriers covering the open market stalls were stunning. 
Walking through the markets was a dazzling visual array of color and sound. I especially liked the candy and spice vendors.

When we left Tel Aviv we went north to one of the first settlements in Israel, Rosh Pina. It is built on a very steep hill and huffing and puffing all the way up in 99 degree heat was a trial. At the top we were rewarded by finding this gate that was made out of found materials. Quite beautiful and unexpected.
Looking at all of the images there is a part of me that can see how this would be great silk screened or as a fabric transfer. But that is not my "bag" so to speak. So I think I will just enjoy the patterns and images and see if it ever surfaces into one of my pieces.