Manhole covers

Dave and I are the worst record keepers around, especially when it comes to photography. We rarely kept a record of our kids or vacations, preferring to be in the moment instead of behind a lens. 

My iphone has helped a bit since it is so easy to use. So preparing for our Israel trip I vowed to take more photos. Got to Israel and realized that there was no way that my iphone could capture the soul of the place.
But walking around in the intense heat I discovered the manhole covers of Israel. Each city has their own design, and there are often different covers for different sections of the area.

It is not unusual to find several different languages on each cover, and I managed to find some really old ones, as well as ones that appear to be new.

I feel like I have stumbled onto a marvelous new idea for a collection, and the best part is that it will not take up any room in the house. Enjoy!