Potholders and ipad covers

While I have been working diligently on some new pieces, time still seems to evade me- not enough time to work, to sew and to write- or maybe not enough discipline to write. The last two months has included a 10 day trip to Israel to see family and preparation for the trip. I felt absolutely compelled to create potholders for family and friends- and while they were certainly appreciated I am sure it was a time sink.
The other time sink that I put a quick halt to was the design an production of an ipad cover. Two weeks ago at the end of our fiscal year I gave every employee their own ipad2- a gesture that had people comparing me to Oprah. Naturally I gave myself one- and then felt compelled to sew a cover for it. Three days later I gave up in disgust and went online and bought myself a cover- which is actually much better than what I was sewing and most importantly got me back to the piece I have been avoiding. I am just beginning this piece which is taking a lot of time- It has been taking me an hour to inlay a circle and about that much time to sew in a bar. I am trying to get increased depth by doing more layering- and it is hard. And so I spend lots of time staring.... and making potholders. And now that I have a new ipad I have an even better time sink. Thankfully there is not an ipad app for sewing!