Bamboo batting is for the birds!

No problem using bamboo batting on light areas... but...
Walking through Hancock Fabrics I was feeling very smug indeed. I thought I had managed to nab some extra wide 100% cotton batting for a new piece I had to quilt. I normally use Theramore- no  bearding and I like that- but it is also ultra-thin and I wanted more heft. So I stumbled upon what I thought was some white Hobbs. It was not priced and when I took it to the cutting table the cutter told me that it was only $8.96 a yard on sale- better priced than the other roll I took up with me at $15 per yard. Feeling pretty good about my find I ordered 2.5 yards and went home to pin and start my quilting.
On dark materials the bamboo fibers just get all over the place.
I worked first on a bright yellow area- and everything was going ok. And then I started on some darker areas- and I noticed all these  thin fibers all over the dark areas. I could not figure out what was going on- until I went back to the store receipt and found that I was quilting with bamboo batting.
And if you look closely you will see that
the fibers start to rub off. It's a mess.
Well I like the renewable aspect of bamboo- but NOT in quilting. The stuff practically disintegrates while you watch- and it gives new meaning to the word bearding. By the time I found out it was too late- so I am resigned to removing the fibers with a lint roller when I am done large areas.
I really hope I can save this piece that took months to pieces. So from now on- I'll stick with tried and true bargains and will remember that if a price seems too good to be true- watch out!!