The colors of black

I have been trying in several of my last pieces to really get a black on black effect, but as I start to put the pieces together somehow color just slips in.  I have found that there are so many colors of black and there simply is not just one black.  When I look at each pile of yardage separately they all look really black- until I put pieces up on my board. Some are bluer, some are warmer. Some are much lighter than I expected. And inevitably I end up adding in other colors.

The blackest black that I have found is definitely Kaufman's Black 200 count pimatex- not to be confused with  black kona. I also like Michael Miller's jet black and often default to one of these blacks even when I am using all hand-dyed fabrics.

Franz Kline
This time I am really resisting that impulse to add a hint of color. I am trying really hard. But just last night I saw a piece of really dark blue/black creeping in to the composition. I want to create a bold composition that has lots going on within a very dark field- thanks to Rothko, Kline and Frankenthaler for that influence! So I will see if I have to edit out that blue or once again to submit to just a hint of color. I will probably have to default to using some grays since I do not want this to disappear completely. So perhaps a bit of color in the grey,  blue perhaps, will do very nicely. Ah- it is so much fun to slip down a slippery slope!