Out out damn blue

Blue line creeping in.

Worked for several hours last night after a very trying day. Black seemed to be very appropriate color palette for the day. I was going merrily along until I looked up and realized that blue started to creep into my composition. It looked very pretty- and livened up the piece.

But that is not what I want. I am not going for pretty here. And too often one of my pieces will derail when "pretty" trumps emotion.
So I cut it off. 
Without the blue line.

This effectively cut off about 5 hours of work and felt pretty proud of myself for staying true to my original vision. Instead I added a dark purple line which borders on pretty but still reads as ominous.

The challenge not to fall into pretty is one that I battle with often. As a person who works with aesthetics for a profession, I am often charged with making things that are pleasant to look at. So it is easy for me to default to a place that is visually non-threatening. But now, I feel that "pleasant" is my enemy and I have to find a way to stay true to my original concept. So I struggle as an artist wondering if "ugly" can be a goal if it accomplishes what I am trying to portray. Anybody else struggle with this? Love to hear your thoughts.

Dark purple line seems to keep the monochromatic theme.