Back or Front? TBD

I have marveled at the detailed machine quilting on many of my favorite quilts. I do very dense labor intensive quilting but mostly I have used an assortment of parallel lines- some are 1/8" apart and some go as wide as 5/16".  My machine quilting takes forever and a day, and I normally work on machine quilting 2 pieces, and machine piecing one quilt at the same time. I reserve my machine quilting for times that I need some mindless work.... or so I thought until now.

For the last 3 months I have been machine quilting a piece that has been inspired by flight patterns. It is one of my more complex pieces,
 and parallel machine stitched lines did not seem to support the top piece that I assembled. I want all of the stitched lines to connect even though they are very much in the background. This means that I have to basically draw every darn line that I am quilting to make sure that they connect. And it means that I have to plan. A lot. It also means a lot of stopping and starting and lots of time taken up burying threads (my all time favorite activity.... NOT). It also is a real time suck- after working all weekend I am lucky if I have finished a  12" x 24" area.  Every time I start a larger piece I am faced with months of machine quilting and the balancing act between wanting to finish a piece and wanting to design on the wall. And occasionally I am rewarded with a beautiful back. And as I stop to look at it I wonder if the back should be the front and the front become the back.