A few weekends ago Dave and I went to visit Jody at MIT. I was expecting the normal parents'visit complete with campus tour. Since Dave and I spent so much time in Cambridge at the "other school" our memories of the MIT campus are of uninspired architecture, a bleak campus, and generally hordes of physics majors wearing shorts and sandals with black socks in the dead of winter.

We were delighted to find that so much has changed. Jody took us through many of the labs where we were allowed to see experiments and projects in progress. I have also never seen so many flat screen TVs in my life. We wandered around the planning and architecture labs for a while and then went outside to see the rest of the campus. Walking through the campus I turned a corner and came face to face with an extraordinary piece of architecture designed by Frank Ghery- the Srata Center. I fell in love.

The interior spaces were as astounding as the exterior views with angled walls, saturated bursts of color and generally an experience that was completely unexpected.

Every direction that I looked there were textures and compositions begging to be put into a quilt.
Ghery has always been a much discussed architect and has as many fans as detractors. I have been in many of his buildings but I have never had the emotional experience that I felt looking at Stata. Don't be surprised if you see his influence in future pieces.